MuzaOlga is a “doing business as” name of Olga Muzychenko for global market.

Olga (also spelling as Olha) is a professional in the field of art business. She has been the owner of the gallery of contemporary art in Kyiv, Ukraine for over 10 years.

Photo of Olga Muzychenko
Photo of Olga Muzychenko

Olga Muzychenko was born in Ukraine, now she is living and doing business from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Muza means “the Muse” in Ukrainian. Olga is indeed the muse for a group of artists, including ex-husband Andrey Figol and their daughter Angelina Figol.

Business Info

IČO: 50548689
DIČ: 3120116505
Business name: Olha Muzychenko (IČO: 50548689)

Postal Address

Vranovská 1018/60
Slovak Republic

My new website

Hello everybody,

I am Olga Muza (actually Olga Muzychenko) – a professional in the field of art business. After 15 years of work as a gallery owner in Ukrainian, I decided to go further, to the world wide market of art.

This website is my “official online office.” Welcome and feel free to ask any questions.

The address is simple: MuzaOlga.com