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How does art influence on us? Have you ever think about this. When you are listing to a song, when only one sound can touch the strings of your soul. When you look at paintings and can’t move out your eyes because you absorbed by them. In ancient Greece exist god called Apollo – is one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities. He is a god of art: music, dance, architecture etc. Greeks love and honored him. All in all: we can’t just live without art how would we ignore it, all is art. Look at these flowers at the sun and people. All of us are interesting and uniq.

Everyone has a favorite song no metter in what genre it has been written or who has sang it. And now imagine that there is no songs no music no notes on our planet. Wouldn’t it be such boring and pessimistic? Music is one of the ways to inspirate yourself, way to stand out and show all yourself to world. That is the way author think about music.

Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory—
Odours, when sweet violets sicken,
Live within the sense they quicken.

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
Are heaped for the belovèd’s bed;
And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone,
Love itself shall slumber on.
– Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Every time I see a ballet it makes me happy and sad. This perfect dance I can’t move my eyes. Their gracious and ardor amaze each one in the hall. No one will say a word or move eyes.

She moved like water
Grace as it is in every curve
Boundless beauty laced in movement
Infinite flow compressed by subtlety

Her dance as seamless as wind
Perfection carved in every step
Flares of passionate glory fills her skin
Never rigid in her creativity
– Elaine Everdeen

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Violinist Girl

Author: Olga Muza

Professional consultant in the field of art business.

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  1. On page “Incendiary Saturday” you’ve used a poem I wrote beginning “A poet’s breast within me beats”. After the word xenia there is an asterisk which refers to the definition (you’ve omitted) after the poem. If you want to leave out the definition (gifts from strangers) then leave off the asterisk. If you want to continue using the poem you need permission which I will freely grant but my name should be linked to my page . Lovely picture by the way.

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