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Cities – so different but all charming us. Aren’t they? Many of them gave birth to famous people. For example Salzburg gave us one of the most popular and known musicians: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his father Leopold Mozart. Bonn: not less talented Ludwig van Beethoven. Vinci: Leonardo da Vinci. etc.


Bremen, what a wonderful city on the North of Germany. On the picture is river called Weser. At night or even twilight on this river you can see a magically light fills the whole sky with colorful paints. This view charmed the author so he was inspired with this beauty and tried to capture it.

You should hear a Bremen in an amazing fairy tale called ” Town Musicians of Bremen ” retrieved and recorded by the Brothers Grimm.


Amsterdam is a city where all dreams come true. Not without reason people go there it is a charming place with a special aura that cover you with love and care. The Author felt this aura and in the name of the city paint this picture.

Vincent van Gogh liked to live in a wonderful Amsterdam. Lots of his pictures lies in Amsterdams’ museums.

Dear Friend, it has been long, how do you do?
The season’s turn, are lonely for you gone
No doubt you have some tales of Love, of fun
But distance turns my heart from red to blue

Lady, belle, beau babe, you are a light
Of majesty towards which I must fly
For you are dancing in a freer sky
Than that which cloaks me in the darkling night

The devil haunt and topple my sky which
Brilliant, bright with dreams, by tortures crushed
But when with you the memory of him hushed
For you bring Love, for you superior witch

For you I beget sweet and tender psalms
Would regale thee hours long with drams
Let’s see the world from Tokyo to Amsterdam

Be forever happy, forever young
At Heart, never such a passion sung
By saints or angels from illustrious tongue.

– Megan Sherman 

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