Venetian Beauty

As you see Veice is the one of the most beautiful and influential cities in Author’s opinion. But what should we say it is true. Venice can charm everyone with only one view. This city full of love and inspiration

A charming architecture has captured each heart on our planet. Without any exception. And also Venice is one of the most artful cities. So the author tried to display a sculpture and the cathedral on background.

Venice piddles proudly on glass waters
With stilts, grey and dewy. 
She posts blandishments on the
Spine of Italy, a robust peninsula.
Evening charms her wildly with
Eastern protocols of sinking sun, 
Sweetly orange and fantastic, 
Burning soothingly, the buttocks of the sky, and
Reflecting genially on the anus of her vaporetto –
The virginal energy of Venetian waters
Cruising out the hell in us.
– Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu

Venetian Dream 

Is this was a dream or real?
I can’t understand this feel.

Venice often comes to the author in dreams.This place inspire him a lot. Like a muse you look and can’t move your eyes from here because she charm you.

White swan of cities, slumbering in thy nest
So wonderfully built among the reeds
Of the lagoon, that fences thee and feeds,
As sayeth thy old historian and thy guest!
White water-lily, cradled and caressed
By ocean streams, and from the silt and weeds
Lifting thy golden filaments and seeds,
Thy sun-illumined spires, thy crown and crest!
White phantom city, whose untrodden streets
Are rivers, and whose pavements are the shifting
Shadows of palaces and strips of sky;
I wait to see thee vanish like the fleets
Seen in mirage, or towers of cloud uplifting
In air their unsubstantial masonry. 

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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