Hopeful Friday

So we waited up, here is it – Hopeful Friday – the last day of #summer_serenade. The last post and in combination the last hopeful breathe in and breathe out. We hope this event impressed you at least a bit. And of course we hope you like it. Because Elpis – the personification of spirit of the hope gives us this possibility. Actually this Friday symbolizes farewell all past that worried us in some way and gives a hope to go forward and get successes in future.

The sky was overflowed with lots of colors. They swim in in each other mixed it all in one big picture.

Out of the sunset’s red
Into the blushing sea,
The winds of day drop dead
And dreams come home to me. —
The sea is still,— and apart
Is a stillness in my heart.

The night comes up the beach,
The dark steals over all,
Though silence has no speech
I hear the sea-dreams call
To my heart; — and in reply
It answers with a sigh.
— William Stanley Braithwaite

Author: Olga Muza

Professional consultant in the field of art business.

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