Cognitive Tuesday

Cognitive Tuesday, what a nice day to get some knowledge. We live in informative age so information and knowledge now is the most important thing in nowadays. In Greek mythology the goddess of the knowledge was Athena, when people didn’t know what to do they went and prayed for her charity. Even then people used to believe that information is very important what we should say about nowaday? The best decision to conduct this Tuesday is to get attainments about something you like or you must to learn. Maybe today is a good day to start learning new language or to master new skills. New skills and knowledge are helpful to get a job. We hope this post of #summer_serenade will motivate you to stand up and start learning or do something.

Lots of people don’t like North Countries because of cold. But look at this wonderful glaciers that pass through themselves light and turn it into a blue shine. It seems like everything frezed in time and you can enjoy this view for eternity.

Illusions of permanence are cutting the very
Depth of this mind while it
Overflows with thoughts and 
Never-ending clouds bring

Tears to remind how 
Knowledge is the whirlwind while 
Not-knowing is the silent center; still the
Ongoing winds keep tearing down every
Withered leaf from the tree of my heart.

– Nalini

Author: Olga Muza

Professional consultant in the field of art business.

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