Productive Monday

Productive Monday is a nice start of the week. It is like a push to do your best during the whole next 7 days. Wake up early in the morning, do some exercise and then go for a walk, because fresh air is helpful for a brain work. So when the brain works great it’s a good possibility to do something useful like work or cleaning house. We hope series #summer_serenade will charge us with the energy full of productivity.

I was sitting in front of the sea. Breeze, which was enveloping up me with a light drops of water tears, makes me happy. And I don’t need nothing else. Only me, canvas, paints and bay full of yachts. – said the author

Why does the sea moan evermore?
Shut out from heaven it makes its moan,
It frets against the boundary shore;
All earth’s full rivers cannot fill
The sea, that drinking thirsteth still.

Sheer miracles of loveliness
Lie hid in its unlooked-on bed:
Anemones, salt, passionless,
Blow flower-like; just enough alive
To blow and multiply and thrive.

Shells quaint with curve, or spot, or spike,
Encrusted live things argus-eyed,
All fair alike, yet all unlike,
Are born without a pang, and die
Without a pang, and so pass by. 

Christina Georgina Rossetti

Author: Olga Muza

Professional consultant in the field of art business.

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