Floral Wednesday

Floral Wednesday is first day of #summer_serenade, a day dedicated for values of our environment and it’s beauty. Look at all of this flowers. They are so wonderful and soaked with love, aren’t they? We grow up and blossom like they do. But sometimes we need help to open up in full our beauty .Wednesday gives us this hope that we can do this, that we can change something. This energy full us at all, that we with out thinking go forward, do work and change world. There is no tiredness only inspiration. And after hard, productive day we sit on the soft sofa with someone we like, get some hugs and enjoy this wonderful life and it’s beauty. Because life like our own picture that full of different colors, different feelings and experiences.

“Wet Irises” is the best picture to hang it on the living’s room wall. This beautiful flowers symbolize friendship, loyalty and respect. The beauty of iris consist in uniq building of flower: accreted petals form a tubule with six fancifully fold back tips. Wonderful color gamma is presented with all colors of rainbow and you involuntarily begin enjoy the life.

Not a yellow or blue iris
that flowers in a cup right through the winter
not a pepper tree
that throws shadows the whole time

but to me you are
purple-blue morning glories
that folds open with the sun, 
trailing everywhere

and when the dark days come, 
with rain falling almost unstoppable
your grow densely
and with the first sunshine
there are flower upon flower.

Gert Strydom

Author: Olga Muza

Professional consultant in the field of art business.

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