Summer Serenade

This Tuesday we are starting new series that called #summer_serenade. Every day since Wednesday the third of July we will post an art per day. This event will last for 10 days.

Summer serenade – is welcome song in the name of sunny days, aroma of summer fields, great-full coolness of the sea, joyful tweeting of birds . Surround yourself with things that we like means to do first step in right route. Wonderful products full up our routine with a harmony, adding something amazing and charming. This pictures live with us and become an inherent part of our life.

The summer sunsets. What could be more charming? When all colors spill out over the horizon and you swim under this masterpiece on a gondola in a one of the cities of Italy. You mesmerized by the beauty of this view and have nothing to say…

” It is impossible
To not be romantic
With the world
When we exist,
Beneath a sun
That constantly
Makes love
To the horizon.”
– Christopher Poindexter.

Almost everyone loves summer so this event will color up this beautiful sunny days! We hope that you would like and enjoy it.

Author: Olga Muza

Professional consultant in the field of art business.

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